Our Philosophy

When Natalie and I sat down to form our agency we promised ourselves to stay true to our core values in dealing with our business practice: love what we do, enjoy the people that we work with, relish the challenges that we may face with excitement and determination, never be afraid to innovate, and give our clients a value of service and performance beyond their expectations.

Needless to say, we do not jump on every opportunity that comes our way. Our client roster is composed of some of the industry’s most stylized, unique, highly designed, and quality crafted products available in the world. Our first rule when determining if a potential client fits our profile is all about emotional connection.

In order for us to become consumed with a brand we must feel that the products being produced are genuinely designed and innovative in their own right. We love and appreciate quality and we need to believe in and stand behind the companies that we represent.


We do not make an effort to push our DRS brand to the media; however we have been told time and again from editors and journalists that when they see a packet from DRS and Associates, they know that its contents are going to be special. They know that the information and products that we present will capture the interest of their readership.

It is also important for us to enjoy the people that we interact with on a regular basis. What can we say, everyone at DRS is personable, caring, and passionate about what we do. We avoid over complicating things. It’s as simple as direct communication, defined goals and honest results.

Our team together with Natalie and I want to make a difference! Once our firm has had the privilege of being selected, we take on the responsibility of making sure that everything we do has a significant impact on the success of the brand and client, as a whole.


-David + Natalie Schlocker